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  1. 08-29-17
    Oh, and that's the Original Star Trek, right?
  2. 08-29-17
    Awesome thanks. Here's the thread -

    I'll be making a new thread for the actual Countdown, will give you a mention again like i did for the actors one.
  3. 08-29-17
    Hey Nesto, are you interested in sending a top ten tv shows list for the Countdown? It's going to be the same thing as the Actors one.
  4. 08-03-17
    Yep that's fine. Thanks alot
Battle Royale   6/26/17
speaking of example how come all those 40 students were surprised and it was obvious they have never heard abo

Day of Wrath   6/18/17
Then Absalon's mother who hates the guts of Anne and she can see her true colours

Everest   6/18/17
Please do not translate my thoughts on this movie all those who climbed Mount Everest are irresponsible as I

Hidden Figures   6/07/17
Hidden Figures nicely revealed Hidden Figures is a movie filmed in 2016, in US, directed by (to me unknown) T

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