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  1. 05-10-17
    One thing I will ask though... do you find Photobucket useable?
    I've found it a nightmare recently.

    If you're having trouble with it, try imgur.
    I switched to imgur about 6 or 8 weeks ago and it's a massive improvement.
  2. 10-03-16
    Will do, I have it ready, but I'm not sure when I will yet. And nope, Cat People is one of his that I haven't seen
  3. 07-19-16
    It was really good mate. It is basically a black comedy about a guy who during an avalanche tries to save himself instead of his family. So as you can imagine it descends into an awkward black comedy- drama kind of film about him being confronted about this after everyone is OK. It is a bit tough to watch during a couple of scenes (for me at least) because it does get a bit awkward and pathetic but it is pretty powerful, funny and is very well acted and scripted.

    You should watch it would be interested in your thoughts.
  4. 04-11-16
    (On insta comment) yes, it does.
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