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Black Christmas (aka Silent night, Evil night)

Often cited as the first slasher movie in modern cinema, Black Christmasis a 1974 horror, directed by Bob Clark. Using innovative camerawork and clever POV shots, the director exquisitely creates a tense and menacing atmosphere throughout the film. The story concerns a group of girls staying in a sorority house that are bothered by a disturbed prank caller. What at first seems to be just a twisted deviant turns into a suspected homicidal maniac.

Despite constant phone calls from the man they call ‘the moaner’, most of the girls dismiss the pest as nothing more than a nuisance. That is, until one of the sorority girls goes missing and along with another young girl reported missing, a search party is initiated. When the tragic young girl’s butchered body is found, it is not before long that the body count starts rising and panic amongst the sorority ensues. With the police now firmly on the case, is there a link between the killer and the caller? And will anyone in the sorority be left alive to find out?

With fantastic performances from Olivia Hussey and Margo tKidder as members of the sorority, Black Christmas is a scandalously overlooked gem from the horror genre. A film that will leave you with more questions than answers, Black Christmas asks, if you make sure you have locked your windows and doors, how do you know that the killer isn’t already inside?