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In Cold Blood

Based on what is arguably the quintessential crime novel,which was written by Truman Capote, In Cold Blood is a chilling account of the murder of an innocent family. Despite approaching 50 years old, this film still sets the bar for any up and coming crime drama.

Two ex-cons, Perry Smith and Dick Hickock, decide to act on a robbery tip off from Dick’s old cellmate Floyd. A seemingly straight forward job, the aim is to gain access to the farmhouse home of the clutter family, locate the safe containing $10,000 and escape safely with the loot. In Dick’s own words, it was a ‘sure-fire cinch’. However, instead of this routine heist, the two men wound up slaughtering the entire family, consisting of mother and father, brother and sister, after no safe or money was found. We then watch the two immature and unstable criminals, as they go on the run, dodging police and border jumping back and forth from USA to Mexico. With a stunningly powerful conclusion, we witness the downfall of the felons as both guilt and justice close in on the killers.

Hauntingly filmed in black and white, with sensational cinematography, (particularly the scene with Perry discussing his childhood, whilst the rain on the window reflects his tears) In Cold Blood is a compelling and emotional portrayal of a shocking story.