Better Call Saul...whatcha think?


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This Breaking Bad spinoff recently started up by BB kings Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould, featuring Bob Odenkirk as talented attorney Saul Goodman, whose clientele consists of questionable characters bringing in bags of cash.

This one is a real treat for me. It takes its time slowly showing Saul's career baptism and growth. And of course along the way we are also treated to some of our favorite characters from Breaking Bad. Compelling character, and done up right! Love the show so far.
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I'm loving it too! He was always a great character in BB, and this back story is perfect at starting to give us his inner Saul . Loving Mike as the miserable parking attendant , and Tuco and the grandma too. The brother is funny too. I like the way that Jimmy/Saul has his vulnerable side as well as his wiseass too.

It's a fine show, I enjoy watching it. But obviously Breaking Bad is a thousand times better, and I guess that's also once in a lifetime stuff. But Better Call Saul is great for what it is, Saul is a great character to follow and I look forward to each new episode.

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Great stuff so far - I plan to keep watching!
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I dig it. The flashbacks from the camera work on BB pull on me. There has yet to be anything with Odenkirk that I don't like. His brother and his situation are intriguing, as well as Mike's job (You know he is working there because of some ulterior motive). The only problem is I don't have time to watch it.

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This and Justified are just piling up on me.

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Got myself up to date and i have to say this is very good, well worth watching unlike 99% of spin-offs.

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I've been wanting to watch this - I heard it's supposed to be more comedic and lighthearted than the original Breaking Bad show, right?

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Haven't seen Monday's yet but I have been very pleasently surprised. I thought it would end up being a farce when I first heard about it. They are doing a good job walking the line between comedy and drama. I really like the tone. Fun show thus far.

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As much as I adored Odenkirk in Breaking Bad, I was skeptical about this prequel. Boy, was I wrong! I love this show. And here's a fun article about Easter eggs in the show. I didn't catch any of these, but you can bet now I'll start looking for them:

I enjoy watching this show, but it's a little up and down for me. My favourite episode was probably the one with Tuco in the desert and all... That is, until this weeks episode! Holy crap that was great.

I know it's a Saul prequel, but I'm glad they aren't afraid of putting light on other characters we know and love as well, and this Mike-centered episode was amazing, and you have never seen him quite like this before. This was well written, well put together, and I really enjoyed it. I hope it only rises in quality from now on!

You could slot that last Mike episode right into the middle of Breaking Bad, as a flashback/origin story episode, and I don't think you'd be able to guess it was from another show.

Correct. But I don't care, as I said. I pray Mike run into Gus Fring at some point and we get to revisit his character once again - my favourite from BB and one of my fav's of all time from a TV show.

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I loved Gus as well but I don't know if I am in a hurry to see him here. Gus worked so well for me because he was this super villain that Walt was trying to aspire to. I think I want to keep him that way in mind. I don't know. I trust these guys at this point so wherever they go I am sure they will make it work. I still haven't seen the last episode BTW. I usually watch it over the weekend. Looking forward to it because of how you guys are talking about it.