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Happily married; mom of four, stepmom of two—all grown; living the dream Biography
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"Weird Al"; writing; reading; movies (duh); crocheting; PC adventure games; alternative music; computers; guinea pigs; urban wildlife in my back yard Interests
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  1. 03-20-16
    Lorne Greene.
  2. 11-15-14
    Be more specific. What kind of info are you hoping to glean?
  3. 11-15-14
    Hey, do you frequent any writing form blogs? I've added one or two to my news reader but figured I'd ask you, as well.
  4. 10-26-14
    Good to know, and I would agree.

    So when it comes time for me to publish you'll help me out, right? Yes, yes, there would be an exchange of capital for services rendered.
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