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  1. 03-26-19
    Hell yes!!’ Y’all just set things in motion whenever. I’ll PM my noms once we roll...
  2. 03-24-19
    Wassup, Sean!

    Me and raul are slowly but surely readying ourselves to be drenched in Kubrick glory with a bit of reflecting and director's dissecting... you in or what?
  3. 03-16-19
    No horror list? For shame
  4. 02-02-19
    Beale Street is gone around here already, a crying shame.
Mean Streets   4/04/18
This is my second time watching Mean Streets and boy oh boy I love this film...

Black Panther   2/17/18
Then at other times I wonder how he ever got a job acting in big time films...

Battle of the Sexes   2/10/18
I also love how the film makers allow us to see this character in the same way King and others did...

The Fugitive Kind   2/10/18
I suppose being based off a play this film just doesn't feel cinematic enough to cinephiles but I think Lumet ...

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