Mean Streets   4/04/18
by seanc
This is my second time watching Mean Streets and boy oh boy I love this film.

Black Panther   2/17/18
by seanc
Then at other times I wonder how he ever got a job acting in big time films.

Battle of the Sexes   2/10/18
by seanc
I also love how the film makers allow us to see this character in the same way King and others did.

The Fugitive Kind   2/10/18
by seanc
I suppose being based off a play this film just doesn't feel cinematic enough to cinephiles but I think Lumet adds some touched that gives it a bit of a magical feel.

Phantom Thread   1/21/18
by seanc
You know you love a director when his last film is one that you watched 4 times in two years, gave a 4/5, and put in your top ten of the year, yet somehow you feel underwhelmed by it.

The Tree of Life   10/28/17
by seanc
When I think about films as prayer this is the film that lines up with that verse.

Detroit   9/03/17
by seanc
Lots of great acting and some very emotional moments but they hit the nail straight on the head a couple too many times with some character moments.

Se7en   4/08/17
by seanc
Every big city feels like NY I suppose but I love the Gotham vibe I feel through the whole film.

Psycho   2/14/17
by seanc
The next scene in the film has been gone through frame by frame by so many people so many times that I feel silly bringing my opinion to it.

I Confess   7/23/16
by seanc
At just over 90 minutes there was time for more character moments.

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