Holy Motors   3/07/13
by seanc
Holy Motors is a day in the life of a performer.

Broken City   3/04/13
by seanc
There are 2 or 3 scenes that are so ill conceived they destroy any chance that this film had of making viewers or the characters put forth any intellectual effort at all.

City of God   3/03/13
by seanc
Rocket and Li'l Ze are the black and white of the movie, while the other characters represent the shades of gray.

How to Survive a Plague   2/25/13
by seanc
There is no evidence in this film that the group Act Up had anything to do with the progress that has been made in Aids research.

Taste of Cherry   2/23/13
by seanc
As in other Kiarostami films we are given a quite ambiguous ending.

Zero Dark Thirty   1/28/13
by seanc
While I did not love this movie as much as some have, I did enjoy it a lot and feel overall it is a well above average film.

Seven Samurai   1/26/13
by seanc
I am not one to talk about film length very often, I think a film should be however long it takes the director to tell the story.

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