The Master   4/27/16
by seanc
I believe he wishes to have the freedom that Quell has many times, but he can't go back.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice   3/26/16
by seanc
I took notice of it several times throughout the film and I would definitely say it is my favorite among comic book films.

Dead Man   3/13/16
by seanc
That said, I have a hard time thinking I will love any of his films more than I loved this one.

The Look of Silence   2/27/16
by seanc
I won't say I love this film because I think that is doing the impact it has an injustice.

Naked   2/17/16
by seanc
Regardless of how I came away from the film feeling about Johnny personally, he is a compelling character and one that I am glad I spent a couple hours with.

Breaking the Waves   1/31/16
by seanc
I will admit that for the middle portion of this film I had a hard time figuring out where Von Trier was headed thematically with the film.

The Revenant   1/09/16
by seanc
I am not the greatest at spotting long shots when I am watching a film but the way the camera moves leads me to believe there are quite a few here.

The Unbelievers   1/06/16
by seanc
I forget who recommended this film to me but it sure was an interesting way to begin the film journey I plan on taking this year.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens   12/18/15
by seanc
The way that I reacted to this film emotionally and the way that my crowd reacted audibly are proof that fans were not ready to say goodbye to the characters and world that Lucas created.

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope   11/13/15
by seanc
As I was watching today I tried to pay special attention to the aesthetics of the film and that alone is enough to make A New Hope a cinema changing film.

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