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I love a good thriller, and Fincher has made some of the best of the last twenty years. This film will never reach the heights of Zodiac or Social Network in my opinion but has far as Fincher's more pulp like thrillers go, this is the cream of the crop. The premise isn't exactly earth shattering but the atmosphere that Fincher creates is what sets it apart.

I love that Fincher never says what city this takes place in. That non-descript fits the film perfectly because you get the feeling that any city could become this bleak and nihilistic. Every big city feels like NY I suppose but I love the Gotham vibe I feel through the whole film. Because of the Noir costuming and the buckets of water falling from the sky. Put that with the fact that we never see sunlight till the last scene and I definitely feel like I am in a Batman film. There is even a suit up sequence before the finale with the villain show down. Everything in this world just works and the story doesn't have to be complicated because of it.

One of my favorite scenes is when they meet John Doe and then are going to begin searching his apartment. Up to this point John Doe is a complete mystery. We haven't seen him and the clues to his identity are non-existent. Now we have all the information we could ever need. There are literally hundreds of composition books with information on this man. Evidence from every single murder right there in front of them. Still they have no clue to who this man is, nothing. It is so emblematic of the nihilism Fincher is going for. Hopeless, that is the word I would use if I had to sum up Seven in just one.

I really love the scene between Paltrow and Freeman at breakfast as well. The frankness of this disturbing conversation is interesting to me. Here is someone who has barely met his partner's wife yet he is speaking to her about the abortion of her unborn child. It really drives home the nihilism of this world once again. Also as someone who is pro-life I can't help but love Freeman's sentiment towards the end of the conversation.

Hard to talk about this film without talking about the ending. The ending really is an experience. The tension built is tremendous. I also think Pitt's performance before the final blow is the best thing I have seen him do. I am so grateful for this ending because it drives home the themes of the film. A different ending would ruin all the world building that has come before.Maybe one of my top ten endings ever. I may be writing myself into a half star higher rating but I am going to stick with my I love a movie but it is not quite favorite level