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  1. 03-26-19
    I am ready
  2. 03-24-19
    I am. I hope he will be!

    I just wanted to officially tackle the 18th HOF before I started another project. But I only have one left!
  3. 02-17-19
    NBD, we can usually figure out when it's just a misclick. Appreciate the heads-up, though.
  4. 02-09-19
    Thanks man.
2001: A Space Odyssey   5/12/19
And again, in relation to the odyssey of mankind, it might not just be the destruction of man, but the overall...

The Shining   5/02/19
Not one character in this movie feels completely normal, which is of course a classic element to a Kubrick fil...

A Clockwork Orange   4/21/19
A film that is almost too on the nose with its themes and structure, yet it smells like fresh grass and wicked...

Captain America: The First Avenger   4/09/19
His backstory is necessary for the eventual evolution of the...

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