Elemental   7/28/23
by MovieMeditation
Elemental takes place in Element City where all the elements of nature fire, water, land and air live together side by side despite their many differences.

Magic Mike's Last Dance   7/02/23
by MovieMeditation
Im all for something new and different, but many of the core elements and characters are gone and replaced with an underdeveloped story with about as many layers as the male performers are wearing in the film.

M3GAN   4/06/23
by MovieMeditation
I watched the Unrated Version, but as far as I know its not a drastically different movie, however, Im sure its the superior version, since we get more language and more violence to take the camp off the ramp properly.

The Fabelmans   3/08/23
by MovieMeditation
While I was never what you would call film negative about it, I was perhaps in between I was interpositive, if we were to stay inside the movie lingo But I reedited and reevaluated my thoughts rather quickly once the movie started when being presented with the one thing that almost never fails in a ...

The Whale   3/07/23
by MovieMeditation
And Im not going sit here and act like the movie isnt just Darren Aronofsky serving me junk food on my couch every five minutes while he plays me the largest smallest violin known to man.

Scream   2/12/22
by MovieMeditation
Maybe the fifth films fourth wall breaks arent even a third of the way fun as the second or first film in the series, but Im surprised to say that it still works One could say that the franchise will always be able to stay semi-fresh and relevant because of its constant commentary on the current sta...

The Matrix   6/25/20
by MovieMeditation
Im not saying 'The Matrix' isnt a smart movie, because what does that even mean exactly?

Queen of Hearts   6/18/20
by MovieMeditation
Seasons change with the events and characters of the film and nature is almost a character in itself both the hot summer days and the bleak winter nights play vital roles in the risky role play of our main character, Anne.

Joker   6/05/20
by MovieMeditation
That you wanted another film with another angle and another execution, thats fine, but in no way do I feel like the film isnt true to itself from beginning to end.

Mildred Pierce   5/28/20
by MovieMeditation
The movie clearly wants to go a long way for the sake of exciting storytelling and the element of surprise rather than the sake of realism and plausibility.

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