Scream   2/12/22
by MovieMeditation
Maybe the fifth films fourth wall breaks arent even a third of the way fun as the second or first film in the series, but Im surprised to say that it still works One could say that the franchise will always be able to stay semi-fresh and relevant because of its constant commentary on the current sta...

The Matrix   6/25/20
by MovieMeditation
The Matrix is a fired-up fairytale of destined journeys and the fight between good and evil it is a reference-filled religious rambling, which exists only in its own little world but most importantly it is confident in its cool-factor, creative in its world building and playful with its complexity.

Queen of Hearts   6/18/20
by MovieMeditation
Anne is confronted by her husband after Gustav have told his father everything and Anne actually lets out a defeated yes when she is asked about the truths of all this.

Joker   6/05/20
by MovieMeditation
That you wanted another film with another angle and another execution, thats fine, but in no way do I feel like the film isnt true to itself from beginning to end.

Mildred Pierce   5/28/20
by MovieMeditation
When the film started my first thought was it must have taken forever to cut those waves frame-by-frame coming in over the opening credits anyways, after that, the film threw us right into the middle of a murder, which sets the plot in motion and led me to believe a lot of things, though none of th...

Blue Ruin   5/20/20
by MovieMeditation
What I like really about this film is the way the story is presented to us.

The Last Picture Show   5/16/20
by MovieMeditation
I usually love films that feel like a glimpse of a distant time in a forgotten world that once was.

Inglourious Basterds   5/14/20
by MovieMeditation
I really like this film, because it is so much fun and I find a fair number of scenes to be really great on their own, but with the film itself feeling a little wobbly as a whole.

Shine   5/11/20
by MovieMeditation
So as with David Helfgott, the film itself also seems to find its greatest success a little too late and personally I feel very conflicted about such a fascinating story fumbling around in formulaic territory, tiresome clich and all too confident character framework for most of the movie, holding it...

I, Daniel Blake   5/06/20
by MovieMeditation
It is in a way anonymous but never without personality, and you are easily drawn into the film because there are no fancy film elements to distract you from the story and characters unfolding on screen.

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