Lolita   6/09/19
by MovieMeditation
This was my first time being seduced by Kubricks controversial tale of confusion, obsession, perversion and of course pedophilia, to some extent To write a thorough and thoughtful review of a Stanley Kubrick film after only one watch is far from ideal, but I will try my best to gather all my thoughts and feelings into words that makes sense for both me, you and hopefully Kubrick too had he been alive today this will be my own twisted triangle of reviewing and I hope to win you over with my seductive writing

2001: A Space Odyssey   5/12/19
by MovieMeditation
And again, in relation to the odyssey of mankind, it might not just be the destruction of man, but the overall extinction of mankind as well, since the film seems to try and cover mankind in its entirety, from the dawn of man, or the birth of humans, to the progression towards its ultimate potential all the way to its eventual demise, which is presented in the climax of the film.

The Shining   5/02/19
by MovieMeditation
Not one character in this movie feels completely normal, which is of course a classic element to a Kubrick film, but definitely feels more dead-on than ever.

A Clockwork Orange   4/21/19
by MovieMeditation
A film that is almost too on the nose with its themes and structure, yet it smells like fresh grass and wicked herbs when in the firm grasp of someone like Kubrick a man whose movies create quite the confusion for some and have more takes on them than he has with his camera.

Captain America: The First Avenger   4/09/19
by MovieMeditation
His backstory is necessary for the eventual evolution of the character and the setting is equally important to properly ignite the character and the universe he comes from.

Full Metal Jacket   4/03/19
by MovieMeditation
It a isnt perfect film, but the depiction of these young boys going through boot camp and busting their asses only to bite the dust in the act of war is amusing and alarming at the same time, especially in the way that it is executed and presented.

Atomic Blonde   3/26/19
by MovieMeditation
That and what followed was definitely the best thing in this film.

Free Solo   3/17/19
by MovieMeditation
The way he thinks, the way he acts and the way he simply...

Perfect Blue   2/28/19
by MovieMeditation
The story is very mature for an animated film and really draws me into the story from the start keeping me captured in the collapsing mind of our main character.

Split   2/26/19
by MovieMeditation
I mean, there was basically no story at least for the first many, many, many minutes it just felt like random scenes, random characters and random events happening and happening in a way that makes you question whether whats happening is actually happening at all and not in a good way.

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