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Every time I hear Oh yeah? In any form I want to jump through a wall while drinking kool aid.
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Oh yeah...
*waits patiently for DD's 4AM gif response to that*
Oh yeah...
Camo's pretty active over on Letterboxd.
Camo was a classic case of someone who brought a really unique flavor to the board, but let his mental instability (as well as alcoholism) get the worse of him. Even though it was inevitable what would happen, I still miss him to this day. Some of us tried to help, but even if we sometimes calmed him down for a moment it never had a long-lasting effect. I feel bad for those who were particularly close to him.
I have definitely had to ban many people over the years who meant well, or had plenty of interesting things to say, but for one reason or another were simply unable to control themselves or understand how to communicate properly. I don't like it, but sometimes they give us little choice.
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Its a shame, because he *is* an intelligent guy. And I like reading his reviews. Hes on a level I wish I was in that regard. Its a temp ban, though so hell be back
I like Zotis, he's interesting and even though he can sound smug and controversial in his post, I think that's just the way his brain works. I never felt he was deliberately trying to piss anyone off or being hurtful. I do hope he chills and sticks around, but I fear he'll be perma banned and that'll be our loss.
I like this very much.