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And $nok is killing it of late. Strong buy
Our doctors don't play when the New York Times comes after us.
hahaha NO that post was AWESOME! It really took me back. Cept I had starwars themed stuff in my room. Also, we didn't have money for a racecar bed though that would have been cool too. I got a pop-up camo tent structure that wrapped my twin mattress. Oh, and I didn't have a creepy uncle brushing my hair back in my sleep. =\

I just read a post mentioning cutting hair with a chainsaw. That reminded me of a few YT videos I've seen where some random idiot girl fashions a corn cob onto a drill. Yes. A drill. And yes, I typed "a few," as in there are more than one of these kids fumbling through life. Anyway. Drill to side of face, corn cob in front of mouth. Flip the switch and hair immediately gets caught in the spin. Patches. Gone forever.
I wish I hadn't looked up that T word. Now I want to go delete my magnum opus.
filthy, unwashed denim that doesn't even get put in the freezer
oooh...maybe there were 2 typos.

I'm not an internet predator, really, I swear.
oh that's so great lol
Yin and Lulu sitting in a tree,