The Shoutbox

(great soundtrack to this scene, btw)
Posting here kinda feels like holding my own feet to the fire, so to speak. I mean, now I have to finish.
I gotta vent somewhere. So I decided on May 17th to enter this competition I've posted links to a few places in these threads. Basically, it's scoring audio for a 4-minute and 16 second clip from HBO's Westworld. I'm at 2:27. Roughly 1:49 to go, plus cleanup and rendering a title card on it for submission.

KINDA stressing. I'm averaging no less than 1 hour per 10 seconds of audio, so 12 hours to go, minimum? It's due Wednesday. I've already warned my boss I may be taking a few half days until I'm done. lol? I guess expect a few random shouts from me. well. hm. more random (and agitated) than normal!

I'll post a link once done, whether I make deadline or not. I don't expect to place. Just getting it done is an accomplishment in and of itself!
Mock us with the wrong ingredients most likely.

If I get mushrooms Im taking out the first robot I see.
What will be the first thing AI utilizes our data for when it comes online?

Order everyone their favorite pizza and reassure us that we have nothing to worry about?😅
They got the better waves to cook your chicken.
Of course they do.
They have a proprietary wireless chip to support instant connectivity and greater distance.
Unless there's some apple proprietary Bluetooth going on.
I prefer the Bluetooth neck bands, honestly. I can pull the ear buds out and drop them or retract them without having worry about pocketing them or a case. They just stay around my neck like 3M tethered ear plugs. There when I need them and hanging when I don't.