The Shoutbox
Been eyeing a BMX looking E-bike..
Goldwing riders are the real gs. Yeah, I know what this looks like and I dont give a s___. Everybody, well apparently not young people, ride HD because they want to fit in.

Ive known enough HD owners that it has officially killed any coolness that brand may have ever had. It screams, I wear jean shorts and ankle high white socks.
Honda Nighthawk. Dont offend ze thigh gap with tomwhackry!
Honda Goldwing?
Indian bikes are cool like tattoos use to be.
I only ride Honda or Indian Flathead. My thigh gap has room for no one else.
er uh gern.
You put off Harley energy 😂
I just put a deposit on freedom.

No lie, I saw 0 face masks today.
Soup Tubes