The Shoutbox
Rewatched Taxi Driver. Thinking of changing my name by deed poll to Randolph Uriah Torkentaamie now.
R.I.P. Hugh Downs. He made it to 99 - one year older than Carl Reiner.
not sure if that scares me or makes me happy cuz i won't know either way.
When I'm old and in a nursing home because I have no kids to take care of me, I'm prolly gonna be senile and angry shouting random quotes from the movies I grew up with at the nurses and other old people. The only difference is I'll have to just wheel my chair back and forth because I'll be too fragile to jump after shouting that. And no one will have a clue who Sting is and assuming I'm scared of bees. =\ The good news of it all, I guess, is that I probably won't know the difference and believe I'm the Kwisatz Haderach. How great it might be to mix so many references with each shout! "Father (yes son? cuz doors, duh?), I want to....the sleeper has awakened! Now don't stand so close to me?! I WILL kill him!!!" then beat some garbage can with my cane shouting, "MINE! MINE!!" all while I slip through space and time in a Buck Rogers black hole.

biddie biddie biddie.
I WILL kill HIM!
of all the movies I watch and for how little I ever post about them, that feels kinda weird to see now that i've posted it.

I'm in a pretty good mood, y'all. Finally able to disconnect from the work place (it only took 4 days of vacation to get out of everything). I just watched Eurovision or whatever it's called. The new Will Ferrell movie on Netflix. As an American that hates televised singing vote shows, I've never seen (much less really even heard of) Eurovision. As I read from a article, there were at least a few things wrong with it. Still, this movie had me rolling in a few parts that I'm sure my neighbors considered calling the police. It's a silly, playful, surprisingly musical and enjoyable flick. I really didn't expect much at all but color me impressed for what it is.
Hanna Season 2. I know what Im doing on the 4th of July: binge!
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how to search a thread