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What the ****? What image?
I've today written a strongly worded letter to the ISPOISPCI (International Society for Prevention of Overreaction by the ISPCI (International Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Images)) to protest at the incarceration of our beloved MoFo ynwtf, as it was a first offence (and only a minor one at that) I feel a custodial sentence (no matter how short) was overly harsh, surely attendance to a minute long presentation of "How images have feelings too" would have sufficed.

Here's hoping the decision is overturned and ynwtf is back with us shortly!
When I used to have to drive for long stretches (6-8 hours), I'd prefer (diet) Mountain Dew to coffee to REALLY get me wide-eyed and awake and alert. That stuff is insanely good for that.
Sun Drop creators were like, "Oh, you think you have a lot of caffeine Mountain Dew. Let us see what we can do about that."

Mountain Dew and Sun Drop open my eyes better than any of the energy drinks.
Sun Drop is really good. Really close. They trade a little acidity for smoothness.

Dale Earnhardt was a big fan.
I use to be on it

It really is a feat of engineering.
Addicted: I canít help it. They put crack in Mountain Dew, and it used to be super plentiful in my childhood so I didnít stand a chance. Iíve done a pretty good job cutting it out, so when I do have it now I feel like ****.
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Some days, I feel like a bigger rube than Ms. Starling.
Mr. Goldberg?


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My belly hurts: too much Mountain Dew.
Durn hillbillies.

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