The Shoutbox
This place has gone to the dogs. Just like that quack.
Huh? Moth thoup??

"Waiter, what'th thith moth doing in my thoup?"

"It would appear to be the breathtthtroke Thir!"
moth't thertainly! thoopid moths.
Ooooooh, that moth't have been just awful for you
mucho appreciato the adviso-ree. stoopid flapping brows.

slightly related, i was attacked by a moth this morning in the shower. that was weird! thing just kept diving in then I'd lose visual on my 6. several moments later i'd see it again just before vanishing again (the moth, not me). there i was, in a shower, jumping around the water flapping my arms like i just walked through a spider web AND had kicked a hornets' nest! all while this friggin moth was harassing me! i still have no idea where it went.

Best of luck, hope you don't catch any eyebrows - personally I'd just close all doors and windows for the duration so them pesky things can't fly into the room in the first place.
time to go shave my noggin. wish me luck that i don't catch an eyebrow or two.
Originally Posted by John McClane
But damn, do I love funnel cake.
Ya know you can make them at home... just make pancake mix and add a bit more water and a bit of sugar. Use a measuring cup to swirl in a shallow pan of oil. Flip over when one side is cooked to cook the other.. take out and drain on paper towel .. put powdered sugar or anything else you want... I use chocolate syrup and it was delicious.
Charlie Sheen seems like a good example of a crack "success " story.