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I have a new track Im putting out tonight or tomorrow.
More science that makes me happy to be a human.
They do say (or at least did before ID theft became so prevalent) that imitation is a form of flattery so one or the other of you should possibly take it as a compliment.
Of course it also brings back a Facebook profile from some dude in Nigeria.
Sample this Sample is a google result when you search for my stage name.
We got it all right now. Helicopters, K9s, US Marshals, etc.
My hometown is swarming with police. They are looking for an AWOL Marine whos a murder suspect. He apparently had family in our area, but its crazy out here right now.
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Pine trees. lol. Alabama's version of the orange grove.
"Mud tires and barbed wire you drive for hours.
You wont see nothin' but pine trees and wild fires
and BOOM! Out pops a B Boy.
The mossy oak is dirty brown, I know it's dirty brown boi!"
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Peanut n cotton fields (different fields, before your thoughts wander) as far as the eye can see. then there's Birmingham and Huntsville. Rockets n smarts people.
Pine trees, yo.

Pine trees. lol. Alabama's version of the orange grove.

I never said I was a fan of Alabama. I did go to Auburn, but wore Tide sunglasses my freshman year to buck the system. Mostly though, I just root for whoever everyone else is NOT for.
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we DO have a small statue of a bug though. and we are home to the SEC titans of college football.
War Eagle!