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I did NOT know! But with that sailor's jacket he's sporting, it's time for a new rooster in the henhouse. and just look at her expression! she's practically having to push him away.
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totes crushing here. and that chick with the straight jacket straps still loose from her institution escape?! MY KINDA WOMAN!

It's a fool's game. It's a shame shame.
You know that's Mrs. Kemp you're crushing on yeah?
They need to bring back the glass pony bottles so they can be properly enjoyed poolside.
$28.99 + $7.60 p&h
per 1 unit
Did somebuddy say Pepsi?

One of the keys to the Pepsi challenge was “a sip”. People tended to prefer the “sweeter, brighter” taste for a sip, while preferring to drink the whole can of Red n’ Nasty.

No. I haven’t looked of unopened cans of New Coke on eBay. Yet.
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"I wish the ring had never come to yn."
”Wootfmother had implored him to scrub, scrub, scrub-a-lub the neck. Alas, to no avail.”
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One of my credit cards just introduced a new feature that could’ve saved me money in interest all last year. Gotta love big banks.
It cut itself in half? ✂️ 💳
it's all good. just means that everyone reading will think i can see into the future. *presses hand to temple, furrowing my brow*
lol why you!!!!