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totes crushing here. and that chick with the straight jacket straps still loose from her institution escape?! MY KINDA WOMAN!

It's a fool's game. It's a shame shame.
You know that's Mrs. Kemp you're crushing on yeah?
They need to bring back the glass pony bottles so they can be properly enjoyed poolside.
$28.99 + $7.60 p&h
per 1 unit
Did somebuddy say Pepsi?

One of the keys to the Pepsi challenge was “a sip”. People tended to prefer the “sweeter, brighter” taste for a sip, while preferring to drink the whole can of Red n’ Nasty.

No. I haven’t looked of unopened cans of New Coke on eBay. Yet.
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"I wish the ring had never come to yn."
”Wootfmother had implored him to scrub, scrub, scrub-a-lub the neck. Alas, to no avail.”
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One of my credit cards just introduced a new feature that could’ve saved me money in interest all last year. Gotta love big banks.
It cut itself in half? ✂️ 💳
it's all good. just means that everyone reading will think i can see into the future. *presses hand to temple, furrowing my brow*
lol why you!!!!
I did hear on NPR, yesterday, that there is a universe splitter app available for your mobile device. Any time you come to a fork in the road and can't decide on something, just type in your two decision options, A or B, and hit the button. The information is then uploaded to a server and transmitted to Geneva, Switzerland, where your data will be downloaded into a quantum device that will then project a single proton into a mirror. That proton will simultaneously reflect left AND right, though you will only perceive one or the other, while the one that we cannot perceive then exists in the newly created parallel universe. Your answer will then be transmitted back to you to follow through on the decision made. You must do what has been decided as there is an alternate version of your that just received the opposite decision and will follow that choice instead.