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I wonder if I smeared my old TV in lard and advertised it on eBay as an Oiled TV for 750?

Some muppet is bound to buy it.
Bleeding edge stuff feeds the ego.
A buddy of mine has an OLED with nothing to take advantage of it. But he doesn't hestitate "price dropping."
I'm pretty lucky to have a friend who runs an electronics store. With mates rates he can pretty much match Amazon etc.
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Elgiganten og Power.
I bought a gaming headset at Elgiganten yesterday - took forever before someone was ready to answer a question of mine about the headset -,-
Elgiganten og Power.
What stores?
I was at the electronic stores earlier today looking at the television sets. The service was awful both places I went, so I just said screw it...

After all, I was only semi-serious about it and I kind of needed someone to come up to me to actually make me consider it. That's their loss
Just make sure it will last!
This is why I hate buying electronics even more than cars. Cars only depreciate if you drive it off the lot, but electronics depreciate as soon as you click add to cart.
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I remember when Rodent was just about to knock Spudracer off the shoutbox leaderboard we were joking about him returning at that moment haha. You're late!
Bah! You should have told me!! I would have definitely been in on that.
I can see myself buying a 4k monitor quicker than I buy a 4k TV, the reason being the amount of native 4k content out there.

My rural fibre probably won't be able to stream 4k so I'll be reliant on discs, and there aren't many of them yet.

Then HDR will be a thing to factor into a TV purchase. Then I'll probably have to think about opgrading my surround system when Dolby ATMOS come on song.