The Shoutbox
few bots on tonight again
Always wondered - do people generally talk much in Waffle houses?
Out of the Park.
just gave up on my first attempt at using a floor sander. i mean those jackhammer looking mammoths and not a palm sander was KINDA fun. with more experience it would be a pretty interesting gig. i just didn't know wth i was doing so burned through six sheets of paper and mostly made the foam padding unrecognizable. at least i got 1/16th of what i wanted up, up! gotta return the thing in the morning. gonna disappear to a local waffle house for a blt and to let the dust settle some. hopefully things will be less cloudy when I get back. at least i can tick that off my never-imagined bucket list. still, if i need to use one in the future i get how the thing works now.
Yeah, they ainít free. The name is a lie!
Speaking of Scoops...Has anything else ever made you angry at regular Fritos?
Then it again, itís probably Michael Moss on the brain. Salt Sugar Fat is the rare book I want to own.

id est buy it for dad for Fatherís Day and scoop in during the next purge
What am I saying, I canít even feign interest in Pellegrino. Tastes like the worldís greatest marketing plan to me.
The carbonated fruit essence water trend is lost on me. Must be tied into that cilantro gene.
I guess some would refer to it as ďtampering with evidenceĒ.
Wait, youíre supposed to wash your car?