The Shoutbox
Or the "Not-spoken-by-he-who-wrote-the-formulaic-as-Hell-speech-in-the-first-place" book.
Probably the Deep Thoughts book.
You're ridiculous.
Where are all the new one's from?
I just had a lot of fun adding signatures...I've got 46 in rotation now. I love this stuff. It was hilarious to read others, and inspiring to read others.
Yeah, just haircut up top.
I take that question seriously too. When I was in grade eight I was practising for a mime in which I had to shave. Being so young I had never shaved before, and thus went to practise, you know, get the feel of the size of the shaver and whatnot so I could then do it without anything there. Hmmm, says me. One eyebrow seems longer than the other. Slice. Mmmmmm. No the other seems longer. Slice. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. Nothing. God, oh no. They were already pretty light and faint so it's almost a good thing. They did come back darker, but not so much that you could notice, because they weren't really there to begin with. But it took six months and a lot of paying out before I was back to a normal hairy boy.

Haircuts. 'Tis no laughing matter.
Hi hairless...
just your noggin?
Hairless me says Hi.
helllloooooooooo random world a la shoutbox
And with less hair.