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The POV of those insects in City of the Lost Children was also well executed.
The Widescreen was crushal that's what I meant this thing refreshes to fast for me HA HA oh well
Yeah I loved Duck You Sucker but man did Al Pacino copy Rod Steiger in Scarface. Great Flick thanks the widescreen crushal
Er, I meant "but", not "by".

I said butt.

I'll be back.

Tomorrow. Don't know when, but I will.

Bye all.
Well I'm not going to answer you here, so nanny-nanny boo-boo.

And I loved the bullet POV in la femme Nikita. It was a new little idea executed perfectly by Besson. It was very quickly overused and made irrelevant in inferior flicks (Sniper, Posse, Wild Bill, etc.), by that first time was a winner.
Did you watch Duck, You Sucker, L.B.? Whadidjya think about those great, grand, glorious heroes of the Revolution?
I just thought I'd do it here.
One of the worst shots in a film is the bullet POV in La Femme Nikita.
S.B. why not address that question in the Tarantino/Ritchie thread? Remember those things above the shoutbox, the f-o-r-u-m-s? That's what they're there for, Tex.
and Duck You Sucker