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pointifullness is a better one tho.
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Yup, better to be pointful than full of points
Heh. Pointful is a good word.
There is nothing pointless about your goofy self. It is quite pointful
anyway. i'm back into my pattern life now. still a of contract work left to be done in my absence, which sort of informs me that I've wasted two weeks of my time considering that was the original reason i chose to go up. to supervise and approve the work. meh.

the drive back was good though. a little rain, but nothing distracting or dangerous. that trail was packed tight! I mean, there was MAYBE a 1/4" of wiggle room between contents and the door. guys were half an hour late to help unload though. I had half the contents out by myself when they finally popped in. dude had the nerve to say it would have been easier if i parked the trailer closer.

oh well.

i'm trying to transition moods back to my pointless goofy self. may take the coming weekend though. sorry, Iro. i'll try to find a post to thumbs-up though. missed you too, big guy.

wow. i remembered my password on the work pc. nice. thanks guys. i''d take the subway with sandy, but no highspeed rails here in southeast AL as far as I'm aware.

re: the vanishing medals, exploding cubes sounds pretty awesome right now.
He definitely gets my vote for Son of the Year. Along with a Subway punch card that is two holes away from a free sandy.
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Welcome home!