The Shoutbox
Hmmm, which am I?
Morning Ladies and Gents.
Okie doke...
Argh. I don't know if they have PHP installed, then! Hang on, I'll email you about it.
Chris, Brinkster doesn't recognize Index files with PHP extensions...
It has its good days and bad. The new forum should work better, IF i ever get it working right
spud, i went to your forum but nothing worked.....i know it's in the early stages, but i couldn't even register. i'll give another try.
Yep, Toose is right. BilboCommishy is the name now, it seems. Yay. See ya later Toose, hope the call goes well. Spud: excellent. Lemme know if I can help, as usual.

Forum installation is almost complete...
Gotta blaze... conference call catch up wit ya later
Enter Patti! Hello Patti. We're having a grand time discussing TWT's hairy feet.