The Shoutbox
Yeah, like Toose should be scared...

Friday's good. The weekend's better, though, I think. Ah-nuld's new movie is out. Hoo-ray.

Toose: better watch out. I'll challenge ye for that crown one day.
I am king MoFo dataman... I got ALLL the keys to this joint!
I'm just glad it's Friday!!
Free webhosting -- ain't it a bitch?

Today should be somewhat interesting. I wonder if I'll finish any of my projects. That'd be nice. Yep.
I'm getting rather pissed with portland. Bout ready to go postal..
It's 2:20am here. I thought I'd pop in, say hi.

Congratulations Too$e!
Geeking it up some more today. Hopefully the feature I'm working on'll be done in the next couple of days. It's pretty cool.
I have mixed feelings as well