The Shoutbox
wtf are you people on about?
In case anyone is wondering, the Eagles lead the Rams 17-13. I don't know who to root for. I'd feel a bit better if Philly least then we wouldn't be the only favorite getting beat this week.
See, therein lies the disagreement. I think that, after that field goal was missed, the game was VERY much up for grabs. The other INT meant a the time. It meant very little after the missed field goal (perhaps they should blow confetti in Vinatieri's face next time), though. It's a shame they lost, but I can deal with it. The real dissapointment is not seeing the two teams with the most real talent in the Super Bowl. Rams/Steelers would have been a great game. I fear now that, if the Rams win today, we'll see another Chargers/49ers sort of Super Bowl.
But you keep say "plenty of time" as if that other INT didn't mean much. I said "just about sewn up" because Kordell looked dazed after that INT, like his confidence and emotions were shot. Then he gets another chance and whammo, another INT, this one decisive. That's all. The end. Underdogs won so I'm happy.
Right, they had plenty of time. Like I said. I'm actually in a bad mood because I've got a lot of work to do, and "someone" seems to have nothing better to do than try to vaguely insult some other team. I hardly see the point. Kordell blew it in the end, I readily admit that. I'm not gonna shout at 'im, though, because he gots us there in the first place, and is, overall, still a helluva quarterback.
Someone's in a bad mood because 'his' team lost. ...The Redskins had a terrible year, no argument from me. What does that have to do with K-O-R-D-E-L-L sucking it up in the 4th quarter? Yeah, despite him fu*king up with the first INT, they still had plenty of time...until he fu*ked up even worse with the next pass.
Yes, he blew it...but not until the second INT. Like I've said twice already: 2:20 with the two-minute warning and a timeout is PLENTY of time to march down the field. Hey, the 'Skins were if we wanted to start tossing mud at each other's teams, I'd have a much larger target.
Yeah, it was up in the air like those passes he was letting sail into the other team's hands. Kordell blew it, big time. See, I spelled it correctly. Thanks!
You should be, he made the Pro Bowl and was the MVP of the #1 seed in the AFC, as well as the AFC Championship Game favorite. Anyway, now you know: Kordell. K-O-R-D-E-L-L. Made it easy...didn't even have to look it up. And no, I wouldn't say it was just about sewn up. 2:20 seconds with a timeout left is more than enough time for one march down the field. Granted, he blew it, but it was very much up in the air then.
I said "just about" sewn up, and indeed it for misspelling Stewart's name, I don't watch The Steelers enough to know how it is spelled, and when I guy throws two INTs late in the 4th quarter of a Championship game, I'm in no hurry to learn it.
It's Kordell. Though I'm sure you knew that. Probably some very odd way to show disrespect. They didn't have anything sewn up, anyway. We had the ball with 2:20 or so left...people score with that all the time. 'Tis a shame, though. They're definitely a superior team, but they played poorly today.