The Shoutbox
You mean I'm gonna stay this color? (I think I'll name my son Navin.)
LOL....That movie has to be one of the best comedies out there.
Oh I'm picking out a thermos for you
Not an ordinary thermos for you
But the extra-best thermos you can buy
with vinal and stripes and a cup built right in

I'm picking out a thermos for you
and maybe a barometer too
And what else can I buy so on me you'll rely?
A rear-end thermometer too
I'm lost?!?
Lifesaver, that's what I'm gonna call you!! Hey mister, don't call that dog lifesaver, call him s***head.
"One dollar, and NINE CENTS!"
Damn these glasses...Yes sir...I damn thee
"Can you believe this? First they don't have the little bamboo umbrellas for the wine, and now snails on the food!"
LOL. I don't need anything....I don't need anything except this ashtray...and that's all I need...I don't need anything but this ashtray and this paddle game....and that's all I need....Oh...I need this!!
They don't call him Iron Balls McGinty for nuthin
"I'm picking out a thermos for ordinary thermos will do....."