The Shoutbox
LOL. I don't need anything....I don't need anything except this ashtray...and that's all I need...I don't need anything but this ashtray and this paddle game....and that's all I need....Oh...I need this!!
They don't call him Iron Balls McGinty for nuthin
"I'm picking out a thermos for ordinary thermos will do....."
"He hates these cans! Stay away from these cans!"
I LOVE that movie! Steve Martin: "I was born a poor black child..."
SB, Have you seen The Jerk? It's a 1979 Steve Martin movie. Really quite hilarious, that line "see a doctor and get rid of it" is in there.
Don't enter your comments... don't want to hear 'em
I have adapted the bull persona TWT, has nothing to do with zodiac. I am "bullish" in nature. I am quick to anger, quick to react, or over-react (bloodshot eyes and smoke from the nose and all) without thinking of the consequences. I charge first and regret later.Enter your comments here.
hallucinogen - gamma goblins part 1 & 2 - WOAAAH! freaky music!
Spud, I actually don't get what you mean. But ah, well.
Man, I guess putting the most recent Shout on the mainpage has had a major effect on The Shoutbox. Freaky...didn't expect it to be quite so active. Now all I need is to have the smilies converted on here. Oh boy, more work.