The Shoutbox
yeah, tell me about locks when amelie doesn't get the win.....
Is it just me or does Peter Jackson look like Gimli the Dwarf
Nobody ever said that the awards are given out based on merit H... I definitely agree with you on this one!
And A Beautiful Mind has been a lock since the morining the nominations were announced in February.
Well, we can all hope that they give it to LOTR: FOTR b/c they gave ABM so many other things
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ron Howard. He's a nice guy and all, child star made good. Yippee. But now Ron Howard, Mel Gibson, Robert Redford and Kevin Costner have more Directing Oscars than Robert Altman, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick.

I'd like to not thank The Academy.
well, ABM is a lock now, damnit
I went with Opie just b/c he's Opie
Well, throwing out all the technicals and such, I'm 1 for 6 in the big eight categories. Really ptiiful. Just about every category was an either/or two-horse race, and in every one I picked the wrong horsie. Neigh.

But if Altman finally gets his Oscar in a few minutes, I won't care about any score I got.
in case anyone misses anything, IMDb is posting the results with very fast updates.
LOL... I'm just saying that they tend to vote based on past roles, not necessarily for the role they were nominated for... lighten up a bit H