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The Cat in the Hat or Horton Hatches an Egg
I'd rather eat Animal Farm than read it.
I think Sissy Spacek was 27 when she did Carrie.

But she was a tiny thing with a baby face.
I guess I was thinking they were more like all near teens, not far in their twenties.
Bad genes.

Bad living.
Really? She was in the brat pack. She was a lot older in that case than the others.
ugly face.
Rex Reed is still alive? He is just picking up John Simon's schtick of calling actresses ugly. He didn't like it when the ugly comments were directed at him when the director of Myra Breckinridge said he wasn't going to shoot him anymore that day because he was tired of looking at his ugly ace. He hasn't gotten any better looking that's for sure.
Psychic Issac's brother. Psycho Issac, says his brother couldn't predict time looking at a watch.