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woah. sleepy.
spent my morning helping co-worker resort a PDF table to be 508 compliant. now i'm working in PPT monotony.

i caught the last 3.5 innings of the Astros' game last night, for whatever that's worth to anyone.
Iím really worried about your well-being. Watching baseball?

As your lawyer, I recommend that you send me your current location. Iím sending a basket of kittens and a Buzzfeed blogger to sort this out.
Never heard of this ďvice versaĒ. But Iím sure apple owns it, somehow. Must look into it. 😏
Ive always thought apple is a dumb name for a company. isn't there more kinds of apples than countries? Bet apple owns square or vice versa
In Cupertino, Apple eat you.
Working for Apple was an exercise in and of itself. The ethos around their whole ecosystem made for some of the most excruciating work Iíve ever performed. You wanna scream but you know big brother is listening because theyíve played back the tape before.
At least my parents feed me if I end up at their house now doing IT support. (Now they live about 8 miles away instead of 2500, so it's a lot easier. )
Which is my own fault. So people wonít stop asking for help.
I hate that too but apparently Iím good at it.
lol and lol
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I kinda hate being tech support for long distance family who don't know the difference between a VGA plug and a typical power brick cable. I ask if the end of a cable is USB and they say it's a rectangle. I try to walk through connecting monitors and they text me a picture of their keyboard. They have two VGA cables for the monitors, but the docking port has one... DVI port. I can't dare goto the level of USB-C vs Thunderbolt or how either might be power OR video streams.... I got so flustered I actually forgot the word "elimination" when trying to explain the process of elimination. I just.... I just couldn't even say the word right they had me all twisted up!

I need to live in a cave and be done with this world already.
Tell them to jam it forcefully into every port until it fits.

If it breaks, you'll know that's not it.
Having to guess some of the details of that previous shout....

PDF: Permanent Dining Furniture?
PPT: Probably Pretty Tedious?
Astros: American Stickball Team Residing Outside Seattle?

Not even gonna try and decode the next one