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Yup, the $20billion was actually spent on strippers and jello shots.
Actual quote from a NASA YouTube channel: "This is the best faked landing I've ever seen!"
A win for 4K
So I just found out that a company finally makes an AC kit for my Olympus. Yet another win for COVID because before that you had to 3D print a fake battery and wire it up yourself.
New David Fincher thriller revealed
The Last of Us looks like it is shaping up to be the first adaptation that is better than the game.
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Pain ...creas.
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Sounds like Jimmy from The Wizard pronouncing Cal-i-for-nyah.
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So I'm watching Dazed and Confused and I'm at the scene where Parker Posey is doing "air raids" to the freshman girls in the parking lot. Total crush on Posey btw, so this is not to take anything away from her; but as I'm watching, I can't help but want to see Andy Dick act out this scene in her place.

I can't be alone in that, can I?
And my brain went to Parker Posey in the Andy Dick scene from Old School and somehow she works in a fry like bacon line.
Looks like we get to have a visitor stay for a few days. One of the aunties has been in hossie with suspected pneumonia for the past week (thankfully Covid tests came back negative) and isn't safe to be living alone until more fully recovered so we get the pleasure of her company for a while
I was fighting with temptation
But I didn't want to win
A man like me don't like to see
Temptation caving in