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I have no idea whether I should contribute extra money to the 403b, the HSA, or the Roth IRA. They all have their pros and cons.
Planning for retirement is the lamest and dullest part of adulting.
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Hello all!
Ski Mode?
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No way I'm putting a turbo on it.
Yep. As your MoFo attorney I advice you to order the least expensive turbo the J.C. Whitney has and run that thing at maxifun boost levels. Do not upgrade any other systems and never take it out of second gear!
Hello all!
Been reading a bio on Rocky Marciano "Unbeaten". Scorsese's gotta make this into a movie.
No way I'm putting a turbo on it.
Now it's broke in.

Time for that turbo, blow-off valve and coffee can.

I'm price-checking your extreme camber-kit right now.

*click, clack, click, clack, clicky click*