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4 Nut Fudge Brownie
Holy crap, how did I forget that one?! That's like the original pastry.
God, I hate Zoom.

And I'm not happy with the fact that they created a monopoly overnight.
Q. How do you make a Swiss Roll?

A. Push them down an Alp.

(I'll get me coat, hat, scarf and gloves.....)
Little Debbie Best
1 Oatmeal Cream Cookie
2 Raisin Cream Cookie
3 Swiss Roll
4 Nut Fudge Brownie
5 Zebra Cakes
swiss rolls cuz you can unroll them and there's often a bit of chocolate on the card, after.
star crunch cuz they're crunchy!
those lil christmas tree cakes that come out around christmas. the ones with the sprinkles. they're just so fun to eat, biting off the triangular tip!
maybe those weird apple-filled cakes, but i haven't seen those since i was a kid.
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Rank 'em!
Okay, this is weird. A friend of mine is doing a March Madness bracket with Little Debbie cakes. I'm calling the final round as Oatmeal Creme Pies versus Swiss Rolls.
Poor little zebras
Zebra Cakes. Yes.
If it ain't one of those...WHY ARE YOU EATING IT?!
1. Star Crunch
2. Swiss Rolls
3. Zebra Cakes
4. Oatmeal Pie
5. Pumpkin Delights
Rank 'em!