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Managed to snag a bit of free time this afternoon to play my guitar. Turn it up!
Or selling a boat.
I prefer my Randy to be white pants and shirtless, smashing dirty burgers with Mr. R.I.P. Lahey.
that was my best Stan's mom impression btw.
oh, Randy.
I put a vitamin in my peanuts today, which was meant to be taken out and swallowed whole.

Well, Randy decided to forget about that vitamin and threw it back with the peanuts it was in and chewed it up.

Originally Posted by John McClane
Nothing is quite as cool as poured concrete.
That weird thing chain link fences do when u look at them at bit of an angle is pretty cool too. Mesmerizing even.
Nothing is quite as cool as poured concrete.
Originally Posted by Miss Vicky
gettin thrown in prison during a pandemic sounds like a really bad idea.
But they probably have A/C and could get you that glipizide. Keep your options open.
You could buy some bags of ice and a fan. Low tech is the best tech.