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Agreed. Should be reserved for moles.
I really wish he would stop crushing weasels.
No, you're thinking of the guy who played Wesley Crusher.
Who's the guy who did the duperhero movies? You know, the Marvelous ones. Josh Wheating.
Originally Posted by Powdered Water
Originally Posted by Iroquois
He's not as good as Joss Whedon.
Pretty low bar to clear considering that "Josh" Whedon doesn't exist. Like multiplying by zero or something.
On the bright side, I put in vacation days to get out of working on Sundays for the rest of the year.

Originally Posted by ynwtf
so tired, peoples.
Rowing the same 🚣*♂️ homeboi. Today was my first day of new classes, which basically makes a 26 hour day. Pretty sure trying to sleep is gonna be pointless.
Hang on in there Yin, 'tis Friday - nearly the weekend
so tired, peoples.
Joss stick

Oh, nm.....

(exeunt stage left in a shuffling ambulatory manner, head down, snotty sleeve trailing on the ground)