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Re healthcare debt: My parents have been crippled by medical debt their entire lives. They were squarely middle class when we were growing up. Just above poverty now.
Im trudging away at ten years of payments for Public Service Loan Forgiveness, so I hope no one seriously ****s with a program that works. Only 8 more years to go.
people aren't forced to do anything, even the healthcare. they obviously have mechanisms of people forcing themselves, it's called consumerism and that isn't just about material stuff. he talked about something i consider very important, the mental health, that ain't just an american problem, but obviously it starts in america and spreads across the globe.
I do agree with the taxes part, but capitalism.

I like listening to Bernie, but all of his answers are "pie in the sky" solutions.

Erase the trillions of dollars of student debt? Never in a million years would that happen and it lessens his credibility.

The part about the military was in regards to the G.I. Bill and someone earning their way through college. Nobody is forcing anyone to take on student debt, unlike healthcare debt.
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Well, I think he had a robot in IV. If that counts?

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All of Bernie's answers on JRE were, "Spend more money".
he said what i basically think: don't let corporations run everything, they should pay taxes like every other company, with those taxes you can do a lot of work.

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His answers for free education were bad as well. I don't know the solution, but crying after the fact about your student debt is not a problem that needs fixing.
i agree on this, he named the problem but didn't really talked much about the solution. but i don't believe the solution is really that hard, i mean in much countries higher education is almost free and it was free in the united states not that long ago. the counter effect of free higher education is everyone running after it and the specific jobs like carpenter and general blue collar works get less and less profissional workers, but than again america have a lot of minorities and that's a plus. on the other hand isn't fair for some minorities that just don't have the money to go to college, if you believe in a equal world for everyone like i do.

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I know circumstances are different, but my sister had a majority of college paid for by employers. Or join the military.
bernie doesn't believe in the military intervention. join the military and do what? go around the world securing regime changes, and protect there poppies and oil fields? i mean, my sister is going to the best economic university in our country, one of the bests in the world and she's almost not paying anything for it. if it can be done in a country with limited resources like mine it can sure be done in one or the biggest economic power in the world.
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Bernie doesn't really have a chance. If Dems were smart, they would be aiming for 2024 with Tulsi Gabbard
might agree on the first part, but tulsi? she's too extreme or is just my view? she's more critical than me about the united states foreign polices, she's also too young, 38 or something... i don't know. i don't care much about those things, in a way what bernie want's to implement can be more extreme, even so, it's implemented in most european countries, and i'll be implement in the united states as well, is just a matter of time.
Take Armie Hammer, toes and his child. How does this story unfold?
Had the same reaction when I saw a re-cap podcast for s3.
WAIT! Hold tha phone. When did G.L.O.W. get 3 seasons??