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I really shouldn't have married such a damned obstinate woman. She coughed TWICE this morning yet steadfastly refuses to do the decent thing and go self-isolate in the shed for a fortnight
Taking my Charvel (guitar) down to get a professional setup. It's been a few years! I will be stuck playing my Ibanez for a few days.

Good luck at your lesson!
I have my first guitar lesson today.
I cant find it, only the Neon came up
Originally Posted by John McClane
The come back by the Parasite director was gold.
Yea man, it was incredible!
For sure. He was definitely making a Tuesday's Gone reference.
Maybe he was talking about his hair.
Trump said, "Bring back Gone With The Wind"?
Are we sure he didn't really mean something else by that?
The come back by the Parasite director was gold.
Nice to hear Trump lament new movies/academy awards, mentioning the great "Sunset Blvd" last night, as well as saying "Bring back 'Gone With The Wind'", which I didn't care for, but hopefully his fans check out "Sunset Blvd" and other classics.
I came across a trap rapper from my city on Instagram last night. I'm not proud.