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a friend of mine died today... damn
My condolences. Never easy to loose someone close to you.
Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter have split up.

By what I've read they were bored of each other.
Whatever happened to Google glass?
Want to wallow in some nostalgia while remembering good ol Joe Cocker? Pop in the pilot episode of The Wonder Years. That show, which was an 80s nostalgia piece about Nixon era America, now hits you with a weird, double nostalgia blast. Aside from making me feel older than dirt, it pulls my heart-strings in many different directions while watching...Joe's rendition of that old Beatles classic "With a Little Help from my Friends" is a big part of that."

Oh and, say Hi to Winnie for me.
It's definitely a challenging game, and there's still quite a bit on the line, but I agree I won't be too stressed on the result. As it is in Pittsburgh it makes sense that you guys have a favorable line, but we've been pretty good on the road this year. We finally got a win in Houston, and we won our second Browns game in Cleavland while losing at home. We BEAT Baltimore at home and away. Also our only primetime win last year was Vs. Steelers, but please don't hurt Huber again
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Haven't had much time to post lately but just stopping by to say: Who dey.

Should be fun next week Yoda
Yeah, it'll avoid being too stressful since both teams are in and it's for the division. Steelers are a slight favorite based on the line, which sounds about right given that it's in Pittsburgh. Looking forward to watching football without worrying about fantasy implications.
Well. Out of my five fantasy football teams I have one 1st one 2nd and one 3rd. I am not disappointed in myself at all!
Organising a Poker night at mine on 2nd Jan.

Just been out to get some extra chairs lol! Got 7 of us so far.
Hi DD. Happy Christmas
Haven't had much time to post lately but just stopping by to say: Who dey.

Should be fun next week Yoda
Its snowing on my smart phone. Pretty cool man.

Also: Russel Wilson

Check this out... [i]"Itís amazing to see a quarterback hit the ground running the way Wilson has. This wasnít the first player picked in the draft in 2012. He was the 75th. Manning struggled as a rookie. Brady didnít play as a rookie. Wilson was a playoff quarterback with a 100.0 rating."[i] ~ Peter King MMQB

Yeah, so that's happening.