The Shoutbox
Ugh, I slept most of today. Mildly sick. Feeling better, though. I really need to sleep well tonight and get back into a solid rythem.
Rubber baby buggy bumpers
HAHA...that's sooo weird. When people here are getting off school, our little Silver is just going to school.
Seeya all. Off to school. I might log on for a bit while I'm there see how things are going. T, is going to overtake me in here this morning. And you'll reach 1000 shouts too. Have fun.
They're resized now...
I didn't resize all of the pictures...Sorry are! Must you be right all the time?! Grrr!
Yeah yeah, I'll reply in a bit. Gotta read, though. Book-learnin' is important.
Keep you busy!?
You guys better keep up with your PMs...I like getting PMs... Keeps me busy and entertained! C'mon...get with it!