The Shoutbox
I watch Robin and the 7 hoods with the Rat Pack today anybody else seen this beut of a movie remade from the Robin Hood tale to the prohibition days days when alchol was being sold under the table not as good as Ocean's 11 but still entertaining
Buh bye.
I will now. I'm getting to you in the moring. Love ya.
Yep. Did you get my email?
did you get my PM?
Me glad you likely.
i just noticed the changes in here...nice, T. Me likey.
Hey guys! This is the first time that I've used this shoutbox contraption so we'll see how it goes. Holden I sent you a PM a couple of days ago and I sent a few other people a similar PM and they've all responded but you haven't. Did you get it? If you did can you please respond. As you are so knowledgeable about film and about Eastwood in general I was really looking forward to reading your comments and ideas. In fact, when I PM'd TWT he respoded saying ask I'm asking ya...

I'm surprised no one else besides Silver caught the other change you made.
I like Ringo more. Yeah, you got it, Spud. Just took a little bit of JavaScript. Standard stuff for my learn it in your first day at the Geek Academy. Right after basic CSS syntax.