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The Shoutbox
Would you please not be flippant about addiction to crack cocaine by making a comparison to something as frivolous as sugar. Thanks.
Don't I know it. I've got a half-sister who's a complete sugar fiend. It might as well be crack.
Nothin, just glad the day is over...

A lot of kids with sugar is not a good thing
What's on yer mind, Mr. Woods?
well, he's an S.O.B.
He ain't online anymore. Sorry.
I guess, but I thought Holden was better than that...where are you now Holden?
Well, think about who it came from Sadie
Me either. I'd also just like to point out how vulgar it is to call Farley a fat S.O.B...really distasteful.
Sorry, I'm not familiar with that quote.