The Shoutbox
Dunno that one. Yeah, Spadowski wouldn't have made a very good recurring character. I love the whole movie, though. Underrated, IMO. It was released at a really bad time, commercially, too. Glad to hear that you've seen it.
Stanley was fine in small doses and sight gags, but I wouldn't have been able to stand that character in a weekly series over years......Besides, I like Rev. Jim Ignatowski more than Cosmo Kramer to begin with.
I like Michael Richards. Kramer's good and all, but he doesn't cold a candle to Stanley Spadowski.
Oh please Holden. You so cray-zay!
Hipster doofus
I can't really think of anyone that can pull off the nerdy but cool look as well...

Michael Richards comes close though...
Lol. Go through the thread. I actually think it appears once or twice....

Who do you think would have been even more ideal?
Well, I'm hesitant to declare such things. You never know...I imagine there's an actor or two on this planet who could've done better. But, for all reasonable purposes, I'd say he was ideal. And yeah, that shower line was good -- makes me think of the highlight/lowlight up/down thread tab thingy.
Right on.

Same with Verbal Kint too. He makes them his own, does Kev.

It's hard to even picture anyone else playing Lester.