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The Shoutbox
I'll be on here late tonight...gonna get some work done...YAY!! WORK!!
Bye Bye Patti!
I'm having a really great day.

Shoutbox with my Buddies.

hope you guys are still on in an hour when i get to come back and play. if not have a swell night. -patti.
Silver, you crack me up.....the scottish post. i just PMed you.
Excuse me a moment, I believe it is my turn....

Well...consider that a kick in the balls...HAHAHA
Ugh. A PM from Spud.

Like a kick in the balls from a mule.

Hemroids huh!? Enjoy!

I'm gonna send you a PM should cheer you up...
That laughing face appears so many times in the current Shoutbox shouts I'm beginning to get schizophrenia, paranoia, hemeroids. Stop laughing at me.

My confidence is going bye bye birdy!
Of course not...