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The Shoutbox
Hey Sades I watched America Beauty I'll write what I thought about it later I got to go to work but I'll say right now that I like it.
You too Silver...Don't study too hard...
I have some shouting to do over the weekend. How on Earth did you get to be thirty shouts in front of me when I ended the weekend ten ahead of you?! Insanity!!

I've got to go now, schooling again. I have three free lines today, thank God.

Have a good one Spud, T, Sades, Toose and ALL!!

Let's see...What sucks is that you've only got the morning predicted.
You know what happens if you use Serenity Now too much careful...
Yes. Lengthyt Time + Technology = Insanity.
No, I believe I'm GM+9.5.

Meanwhile, I'm living in the future too.
It's Friday here. I know all! Tomorrow you're going to get hit by a bus, so watch out!
Yeah, I know the feeling, Matt (Silver Matt. Not Matt the Bull). I used to ride a bike after a few hours of debugging code.
dang, 8AM? Freaky. I thought the time zones always had an even number of hours in difference? How can you have another half an hour ahead???
If you stay in front of technology to long, you fry yourself. I edited a video from 8 in the morning to 10 at night once. There's a reel world article about it. I went, hmmmm, mad, is the best way to discribe it.
That's not uncommon, Kent. Humans placed in situations of high technically-related stress in the field of web development have been known to resort to bribery, screaming, or even violence to find a release of sorts. Stay strong! SERENITY NOW!