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R.I.P. Jeff Barnaby
Everything is a performance, and everywhere is a stage. Welcome to the show.
Good afternoon Yin!!!

*Cancels plans to start doing MoFo guitar solo reaction videos.*

That would be where I attempt to play solos on video, and then act all surprised when I actually get through the entire thing. The surprise would be genuine.
Yeah, I think the only ones I've ever enjoyed much are the ones where someone listens to some classic song or guitar solo they've never heard. Even those can be real put-ons, but sometimes you can see genuine surprise.

In general I just have no patience for anything overtly performative, though, in this area or others.
Reaction videos are annoying AF.

Oh WOW! I have totally never seen / heard this thing before (seriously!). Watch me make exaggerated facial expressions and make obvious statements about it!
(i hate myself now)
The cat just looked up at me from the litterbox like, You gonna help me cover this s__t up or what?
and the giggle master strikes again
I'm not watching it but I do wish they had better episode names. Surely they could come up with better names than 'At lunch' and 'Tonight'!
Originally Posted by John McClane
Andor is so damn good.

I just watched Ep 6 tonight and I totally agree. The slow burn of the show pays off with the character development. Loved the entire episode .