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Happy Birthday, Takoma11!


Oh nooo, don't encourage her...

Just kidding! Happy Birthday, Tak! Hope you have a wonderful day
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Happy Birthday!
“It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” ― Thomas Sowell

I had not realized that this thread existed (I don't wander out of the General Discussion board very often).

Thank you guys so much!

A Hot Fuzz gif and a Pinhead with a birthday hat. *sniff* You guys really GET me.

Oh, happy birthday. And just a whisker shy of sharing such a glorious day with yours truly lol.
And happy birthday to you! (Assuming a "whisker" means a day or two).

Please enjoy this thing that a friend sent to me.

So this is my new favorite thing ever.
Tag yourself in that video.

Are you:

1) Man singing at . . . interesting pace?
2) Braless interpretive dancer?
3) Disembodied hands?

(I don't wander out of the General Discussion board very often).
I've noticed. And it's a shame. You're one of the best new members we've had in ages, and I feel like you've helped reignite actual film discussion on the forum. Pretty sure I've already mentioned it once or twice, but I'm very impressed by your posts, which often feature great insight and wit and fresh perspectives. I just wish that you wouldn't limit yourself to one small part of the forum.

I think the most efficient way of keeping up with the forum is to click New Posts at the top of the site, which will show you every new thread that's been updated since your last visit. Our Top 100 Refresh is now underway. That will be by far the most heavily-trafficked thread for the next couple months. If you submitted a ballot, make sure to chime in about any movies you might've voted for. It's always a fun journey and a great way to interact with the MoFo conglomerate.

(Oh, and a belated Happy Birthday. )