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Movie Club - The Wrath Of Khan


Which one floats yer boat?
2 votes
A Cock & Bull Story
4 votes
Good Night, And Good Luck
4 votes
Memoirs Of A Geisha
6 votes
3 votes
19 votes. You may not vote on this poll

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Okie dokie MoFos and MoFettes, here's the next benignly awaited installment of the Movie Club!

Same deal as before - a selection of (hopefully) interesting new and newish releases which shouldn't be too hard to get hold of. The Poll's open for a week and the winner gets ripped apart in the manner of a nut cutlet found on an island of starving vegetarians...

In alphabetical order...

A Cock & Bull Story (Michael Winterbottom) - The 24 Hour Party People triumvirate of Winterbottom, Steve Coogan and writer Frank Cottrell Boyce concoct a wheels within wheels version of Tristram Shandy.

Good Night, And Good Luck (George Clooney) - Gorgeous George takes the helm in this true story of Newsman Edward Murrow's crusade against Joe McCarthy's crusade through 50s America.

Memoirs Of A Geisha (Rob Marshall) - Chicago director Rob Marshall's attempt at filming Arthur Golden's novel about a young girl sent off to a Geisha house.

Munich (Steven Spielberg) - Beginning with the 1972 kidnapping and murder of 11 members of the Isreali Olympic team, Munich follows the Eric Bana led group of agents assigned to find those responsible.

Proof (John Madden) - Gwyneth Paltrow, Tony Hopkins and Jake Gyllenhaal star in this tale about a woman coming to terms with her father's death and her own furure...

I think there should be something there for most tastes. Poll closes on Friday 21st and I reallywannaseethosefingers...
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I voted for Memoirs of a Geisha. I would really love to see that out of the choices.

Munich would be my second choice in the case of a draw.
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Darn, thought Wrath of Khan was the movie. Want to see Cock and Bull and Munich but ain't voting cuz seen neither, nor can i afford to.

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I voted for A Cock and Bull story since I've just seen it...but anything's ok.

I've also seen...
Memoirs Of A Geisha and Proof and I'd be up to seeing them again. They're also good choices and have alot to talk about.

Munich is one of those I keep telling myself I should see. I remember when it happened and I'd love to see how it's handled.

Good Night, And Good Luck is the only one I'm not excited about...not sure why.

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Originally Posted by Pyro Tramp
Darn, thought Wrath of Khan was the movie.
Me too! In fact, I'm gonna watch that anyways, even if it isn't the movie.


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I voted for Proof. Love Jake.

Last time I was able to put the leading contestants in my queue at Netflix. Right now I'd have to put them all in cause they all have two votes each. Come on!
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I'm gonna vote for Good Night, despite no-showing last time.

(Malik flicks are weirdly hard to get hold of )
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No Wrath? Arg!!!!

Voted for Memoirs...
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Well, it looks like the old coin flip will have to decide this one tomorrow evening. I've seen the two films that are leading but wouldn't mind renting either of them again.

i haven't voted yet....both of the films that are leading are one of those "i liked it, but not sure i wanna see it again" types of flicks....

i AM, however, from eastern europe, therefore susceptible to bribery....

I would like to just add a sorry for not participating for The New World debate. Even though I voted for it too.
It got lost in the post, such is the risk of on-line DVD rental.

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Vote for the film you want to see guys, no hidden agenda. I know it's harder for some of us to get hold of individual flicks so that might have an input on your decision.

If we've still got a tie tomorrow evening then it'll be up to me to concoc...ermmm...decide in a fair way what we're gonna go with.