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"Critics are like eunuchs in a harem; they know how the Tatty 100 is done, they've seen it done every day, but they're unable to do it themselves." - Brendan Behan
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  1. 3 weeks ago
    Hi, my review of Stereo got miscategorized as the movie with the same title from 2014, not the Cronenberg movie from 1969. I was wondering if you could fix it?
  2. 06-23-18
    The spam report I put through on ciroarthur from Incredibles 2 thread is because his sig has a link for an illegal pirating app.
  3. 09-08-17
    Yeah i get a lot a stick cos i work for them! 😆. Try and keep your mouth free from food debris after eating, i found that warm salty water was as good as any mouthwash
  4. 09-07-17
    Did you have your wisdom tooth extracted? ☺
The Box   8/16/10
The Box (2009, Richard Kelly) 1.5/5 What do you get if you cross Close Encounters with The Game? A preposte...

Edge of Darkness   6/07/10
Edge of Darkness (2010, Martin Campbell) 2/5 Radiation is, like, really 80s... I was a little surprised whe...

Slumdog Millionaire   5/26/10
Slumdog Millionaire (2998, Danny Boyle) 4/5 Is Danny Boyle the best director in the world right now? If not,...

In the Loop   2/23/10
In The Loop (2009, Armando Iannucci) 3.5/5 Televisually, I go back with Armando Iannucci to The Friday Night...

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